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"About writing..."

I use this short blog page for articles about the process of writing creatively.

"Texture in Fiction Writing"

Good use of 'texture' in our fiction writing provokes an emotional response in our readers. Readers recognise well-textured writing when they see it - but what actually is it?

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- posted: 3rd January 2016, from 24/10/15 meeting of the Inspirations Writers' Group

"Planning a Story"

Planning a story can help to ensure that a dream becomes a finished piece of writing!

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-posted: 21st December 2015

"What Makes a Good Story?"

There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way of writing, although there is 'bad' writing that most people wouldn't want to read. A Good Story is one that our readers judge to have been 'good' - there is no other measure. The trick is to write 'good stories'!

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-posted: 27th October 2015

Writing Styles...

A writer is on top form when we can identify their unique Voice, so how do we develop our own Voice?

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-posted: 24th September 2015

Keeping Control Of Your Characters...

Well-written characters can come to have a special meaning for us at an emotional level - The trick is to create well-written characters.

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-posted: 21st August 2015